Making Two
Great Communities
Even Better

whowe are

We are a group of community-minded individuals who are committed to establishing funds for the future of Grandville and Walker.

whatwe do

To enhance the quality of life in the Grandville and Walker Communities, we partner with local donors to invest in effective local programs.

whywe exist

Until now these two communities were one of the largest combined areas without a foundation. We are passionate about the future of our community, ensuring resources for future generations.

howto get involved

Share your time, talent, and/or treasure with the community. Participate in one of our subcommittees or support the foundation financially. No gift is too small.

Our Endowment Campaign—$2 million, 2 communities, 2 years
To increase our community assets in three areas:

A Community Chest: Donated funds will create a permanent endowment. Interest income will be invested into the community.

The Foundation will act as a clearing house of community needs, helping marshal private funds to accomplish goals.

The Foundation will develop programs for leadership development and local talent retention.


The sooner you give, the sooner the community can receive.

If you believe in the future of your community, giving to the foundation is an opportunity for you to invest in the future. Funds stay in the community and will be used to enhance the great places we live, work, learn, and play.

It starts with YOU. And your passion for our community. Help us create and build funds
for Grandville/Walker.

One of our key roles as a foundation is to address community needs for both today and the future.
By building an endowment fund, you will be making sure that grants for our community are available.
The GWF Board has strong ties to their community, with more than 200 combined years of living or working in Grandville/Walker. The Grandville Walker Foundation was created by and for the people in the community.

our board of directors:

  • Linda Krombeen, President
  • Sarah Bydalek, Vice-president
  • Jim Engelking, Treasurer
  • Jason Braford, Assistant Treasurer
  • Andy Steenstra, Secretary
  • Ryan Hekman
  • Randall Kraker
  • Kelly McDonell
  • Melissa Peraino
  • Jena Wilmers
  • Steve Wiltz